Getting Started with Something New

Jumping into something new can be daunting. But if you close your eyes and jump feet first, you get the scary part over with very quickly. And if you do this enough times, you won’t be scared anymore and can jump in with eyes wide open.

I’m jumping into something new…writing semi-anonymously aiming to connect with people that connect with the words I’ve written. I’ve told nobody I know about this blog so I don’t have to worry about those people and what they might think (a dangerous business).

And also, trying to do all the things that I would want to do before I die, before I die. Saying the things I want to say so I leave nothing unsaid on my deathbed.

So what is it I want to do? and say?

I’ve started a small list. There isn’t much really.

Being at peace with life and myself, I could happily die right now and be okay with the things that never came to pass. This is a state of mind that I have worked hard to get to. It’s not easy coming to peace when the world around us is breaking down and we are constantly bombarded by messages that tell us to never be satisfied with the present. What you have, who you are, where you are.

Someone once made a statement that I will remember for a long time.

“I don’t tell people what I am planning. I only show them what I am doing”


  1. Selpiscesme

    A virtual hug to you… normally I can’t start a conversation with people , specially with completely new ones. But I do want to talk,I don’t want to live in my shell forever so for once without thinking much I just dive in…and what you wrote I could feel it.


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