Ostara – Welcoming Spring and the Day of Perfect Balance

One day in perfect balance between light and dark.

How magical a sentiment.

A lovely welcome to springtime!

Whilst I subscribe to no religion in particular at present, I do honor the connection between the natural world and the human body, mind, and spirit. For we know the human cannot exist without the natural world. We depend on it for survival and not paying attention to its cycles and properties would seem unwise (and deadly in the past). So I nod to the cycles and relish in the transitional energy from the winter hemisphere waking up.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

The contemporary spring equinox celebration named Ostara in the Wiccan calendar is a celebration of the return of the sun and end of winter. Of the goddess and god coming together.

The daffodils here in the UK have sprung up from the frosty soil, which is slowly warming through the weeks of March. Walking through the parks, seeing patches of these short bright yellow plants surrounding the thin selection of remaining trees carries a sense of hope, renewal, and another chance.

The academic history on Ostara (as a goddess of spring) is scarce and inconclusive. In a search for primary sources, I came up with nothing. If anyone has found any, please let me know!

What I did find was limited materials that concluded historians cannot definitively point to whether Ostara is a goddess based on Anglo-Saxon or Germanic mythology. There are blogs and other articles out there that say Ostara was a Germanic goddess, but these of course cannot be relied up for primary research so I am not going to regurgitate what I do not know to be validated (however true it might be).

The history we do know is that there were certain historical “pagan” traditions around this time of the year to welcome spring, a rebirth, a renewal from the long dark days of winter. These traditions were then absorbed into Christianity in the long violent conversion process of the “barbarians” across the continent. So then we have Easter.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Whatever you chose to celebrate or believe in, I wish you a magical spring equinox and hope you revel in the warming of our environment if you are here in the northernmost hemisphere.

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