The Delights of Agatha Christie

I’ve read six books by Agatha Christie at the time of this writing. They include: Nemesis, Evil Under the Sun, Murder on the Orient Express, Partners in Crime, Death on the Nile, and And Then There Were None. I’ve only guessed the ending of one of them before it finished.

Predictability kills curiosity. What I love about Agatha Christie is that her stories start and continue with a nice pace without being predictable. I wonder a lot about what each interaction in the book may mean for the end. Then in the last fifty pages, it’s a mad exciting flurry to the who-dunnit!

Which leaves me always amazed at the end of each story. Wow. What an ending! I can’t wait to read another one.

I’ve rarely experienced this and I’ve read a fair amount of mystery books.

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Agatha Christie has a sense of humor that I haven’t found in others so far. I think if we ever met, I would enjoy her company very much.

Perhaps I also enjoy her writing very much because she writes from a woman’s mind. I find many male authors are very abusive towards women in their plots and character developments. Their writing often reflects the male gaze. Which makes sense. They are men after all. But I do find a lack of respect towards woman that is not pleasant to read.

I find her very inventive as well and while I have only read six of her books, no one has the same trajectory as the others. I’ve experienced many authors where after reading through a series of their books, the stories become repetitive and lack imagination.

I look forward to reading more of her books and if anyone has any suggestions on which one to read next, please send me a note or comment on Instagram 🙂

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