Where the Wild Things Are – A Plea to Bring Blogging Back

We got lost. Took a wrong turn. Headed down the path lined with candy and riches, but when we reached out to take them, a curse befell us.

Or did it?

Or did we reach for the riches and receive them, bestowed upon a several few for their efforts by the many consumers hungry for content.

I’m talking about bloggers.

As a global society, we have enabled bloggers to live a life of blogging without having to work other jobs. Well, some. Many bloggers still work full time or part time jobs to pay the bills.

Is this good/bad? We complain about influencers being fake. Yet, we still consume their outputs.

We complain about ads, but still read the website.

We are the enablers. We are the product.

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova on Pexels.com

Without people to sell to, bloggers wouldn’t be able to make a living. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing because it is people supporting other people to do what they want to do. It would be similar to my community supporting me to be a photographer. I would get to do the work I love and provide a service to my community.

But have we gone too far the other way? Have we enabled bloggers too much? Has this system we set up driven them to the culture of being fake, providing superficial content in exchange for cash or products? Have they willingly led us into the lair of advertisers? (Most definitely on this last one).

People have to pay their bills and most folks are not willing to donate monthly to the cause so its a natural progression to start introducing ads and Mediavine in addition to Amazon associate links. It’s no wonder a good chunk of the world is obsessed with consumerism. We are driven to this culture, herded by the politicians and businesses. Here kitty kitty kitty…

Most places we look in the world, its buy buy buy. Every touch point possible, we are being shaped, influenced, and I like to say…bombarded. All the noise. A lot of companies don’t care about your quality of life. What they want to know is how much they have to spend in order to get $1 from your pocket. Especially public companies.

Pardon my rambling. My desperate cry to the internet world is is it possible to have blogging back like it was in the early days? Without massive amounts of ads, selling, fake personalities?

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